Wednesday, July 24, 2019

July 24, 2019: Sabrina Fallah/Donna Figurski/Thieves & Lovers

 Ontario-based musician Sabrina Fallah talks about the music scene in Canada and some of her favorite festivals and venues she enjoys performing at. She was recently signed by Dance Plant Records and talks about how they met and the benefits of working with them. She's also got a new compilation CD out and walks us through the many stories she has within her music. 

Author Donna O'Donnell Figurski unexpectedly found herself in the role of caregiver for her husband David when he suffered from a traumatic brain injury and never fully recovered. Her book, "Prisoners Without Bars" tells the story of her journey as a caregiver and she holds nothing back in her retelling of David's injury and work through rehabilitation.

Closing out the show, I chat with Brandon Stoner of the band Thieves & Lovers. He shines the lights on some of the venues they've played at, both in the Pittsburgh area where they're based and on other shows they've done on the East Coast. Brandon brings his marketing background to bear on the band's promotion and gives his take on what works.

Playlist (In order of airing)

Sabrina Fallah—All or Nothing

Sabrina Fallah—Hurt

Sonoride—Life 101

Thieves & Lovers—Always Winter

Thieves & Lovers—Underneath

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