Thursday, February 2, 2023

A very funky discussion with Carter & the Capitals

With a high-energy, upbeat style, the funk band Carter & the Capitals bring a sound that you can’t help but dance to. This five-piece from Edmonton, Alberta released their self-titled debut album in 2019 and since then have played some amazing shows.

Frontman Lindon Carter joins me to talk about how the band got its start and their early years on stage and on the road. We go into how things changed when COVID hit, and what it’s been like being back in the groove. Recently, they released “Lovely Lovely Lovely,” their first new music in three years. We go into how the band has evolved over that time and the new sound that comes through in the single.

Following this, enjoy the funk/pop sounds of “Lovely Lovely Lovely,” a preview of sorts of the band’s future releases.


Monday, January 23, 2023

Meredith Berlin explores a trio of personal struggles and the growth found therein

To look at the lives of Brooke, Elizabeth, and Susan, one may think they have it all. They’ve made their mark in the city of Manhattan and are living the good life. But a closer look uncovers a variety of challenges—Brooke questions her marriage as she embarks on a new venture; Elizabeth receives a shattering diagnosis and remakes herself to recover some semblance of identity; Susan admits that her sexual and romantic preferences do not lie exclusively with men. Each of these characters has their own journey, and it’s in confronting it that we get “Friends with Issues,” written by Meredith Berlin and available as of Jan. 24.

I’m a little ways into the book and I found myself drawn in by the realistic cast and intertwining plots. Meredith and I talk about the creation process for each character and how it was fueled by her own experiences. We look at her many years as the editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine and Soap Opera Digest and how it helped prepare her for the role of novelist, as well as the lessons to be learned.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Jarreau Williams shares a chance encounter in his new single

Ever had a random meeting with someone that stuck with you long after it was done? Jarreau Williams has, and it was such an inspirational moment that it wound up being the subject of his new single, “Cherry.”

This high-energy dance-able song shares the story of how he was approached by a woman in the bar of a Baltimore restaurant. She was waiting for some friends, and the two struck up a conversation, but she left before he could even get her name. See, “Cherry” isn’t just the song’s title, it’s a sort of code for this interesting person.

We talk all about the story behind the song, plus working with Virginia-based producer Austin Bello, whom Jarreau collaborated last year for “All The Cards.” Jarreau has a great show lined up for the single release, and we give you all necessary details if you happen to be in the D.C. area.

Plus after we’re done, give the new track a listen—and maybe you’ll have your own memorable meetup.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

A changing America: Cort Casady talks family and the nation in new memoir

Cort Casady, winner of two Emmies and three NAACP Image Awards, joins me to talk about his newest project, and one very close to his heart—his new book, set to be released on Jan. 17. It’s a weaving of two stories: he and his wife’s journey as the parents of triplets and seeing how the country they call home has changed across three generations.

“Not Your Father’s America: An Adventure Raising Triplets in a Country Being Changed by Greed” dives into the choice to have children and the struggles encountered—as well as their choice to utilize IVF and the unexpected results. Cort and I talk about America over the years, his feelings on current affairs, and the stories contained in the book and how the two subjects are intertwined.

Monday, January 2, 2023

Back at the Rhode Island Author Expo

Author Amanda Quay Blount
One of my favorite events to cover is the Rhode Island Author Expo. Held in early December, it’s a showcase of more than 100 members of the Association of Rhode Island Authors. This event is an amazing collection of local authors, and in this episode, we’ve got a collection of interviews with just a few of them.

First up is Alison O’Donnell, author of “Stupid Cupid: A Survivor's Guide to Online Dating” and “The Adventures of Gizmo,” and also longtime comedian. We talk about what led to both books and how her work in comedy ties into being a writer.

Next up is Amanda Quay Blount for her debut novel, “Meet Me At the Biltmore,” a deep dive into the history behind one of the most famous hotels in Rhode Island. She shares the different (and somewhat odd) stories she captures from the hotel’s 100-year history.

To wrap things up its Richard Rezendes, author of “A Haunting in Mattapoisett,” based in part on the town’s history as the epicenter of Bridgewater Triangle, an area known for its many supernatural occurrences.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Michael Kaufman brings 2022 to a close with a new book in his Jen Lu series


Author Michael Kaufman
For the final episode of 2022, I’m happy to once again be sitting down with author Michael Kaufman to talk about is soon to be released book “The Last Resort,” second in the Jen Lu series. Here’s a quick look at the synopsis:

It’s March 2034, six months after D.C. police Detective Jen Lu and Chandler, her sentient bio-computer implanted in her brain, cracked the mystery of Eden. But the climate crisis is hitting harder than ever: A mega-hurricane has devastated the ecosystem, and waves of refugees are pouring into Washington, D.C. The rich live forever while the desperate scramble for the modified longevity treatment.

Then, the death of lawyer and media darling Patty Garcia, who won a court case for massive climate change reparations to be paid out by oil, gas and coal companies, signals a glaring red flag to a wider conspiracy. Jen and Chandler are called in to crack the case. Signs point to Patty’s ex, James Culpepper, a former oil giant, but as the duo dig deeper, they turn up more suspects who might have an even greater motive for killing Patty.

Jen’s search puts her in the crosshairs of those who will ensure the truth never comes to light, no matter the cost. As she continues to delve deeper into the seedy underbelly of the city, she has to move quickly — before she becomes next on the killer’s list.

Michael and I talk about Jen and Chandler, both on their roles in the book and how they’ve changed since the events of the first novel. We dive deep into Chandler’s function and how it reflects current technology as well as its future potential.

Micael’s worked for years to end violence against women through the White Ribbon Campaign and help men to identify their misogynistic tendencies. We talk about the role this plays in his writing and what he hopes to accomplish with Jen as his lead character.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Michael Harris Cohen collects years of horror tales in new book

  • An aging TV star’s murderous plan to rekindle her glory days
  • A father who returns from war forever changed
  • Human lab rats who die again and again
  • A farmer who obeys the dreadful commands of the sky
These are just a handful of the 22 short stories that you can find in Michael Harris Cohen's recently released book, “Effects Vary.” We talk about the history behind them, what led to releasing the collection, and the careful process of deciding their order.

Part of the publishing process is unfortunately getting rejected and Michael shares some of the “No's” he's received, including the rares time when a publisher gave some insightful feedback. Michael teaches creative writing and literature at the American University in Bulgaria and we talk about the lessons imparted to the students and tips about getting their work seen by the world.