Friday, June 11, 2021

Jodi Rosenfeld recalls life in Boston for her debut novel

In “Closer to Fine,” author Jodi Rosenfeld brings a coming-of-age tale set in Boston, where she lived for many years. The book showcases Rachel Levine, a twenty-something Jewish, bisexual woman finding her adult footing. While not an autobiography, Jodi did look to her time in Boston when creating the world for the book.


Along with the background for the story, we talk about Rachel, the many teachers met and the lessons that each offered. Jodi talks about the editing process and what that this debut writer learned. We also look at She Writes Press, which published the book, and what it was like working with them.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Patry Francis' newest book follows the lives of a diverse foster family


Author Patry Francis' third book, “All The Children Are Home,” follows a foster family through 12 years of dazzling triumph and wrenching heartbreak. The book is full of wonderfully diverse characters, and we talk about the creation of each and what they bring to the table. Patry also looks at the real-life story that influenced the book.

This book is very different from her first two, and Patry talks about what brought about this change, as well as the new experiences that came with it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Author Robin Clifford Wood shares the story of fellow writer Rachel Field

Though they never met, writer Robin Clifford Wood felt a powerful connection with Rachel Field—so much so that she decided to write “The Field House.”

Rachel Field was a National Book Award-winning novelist, a Newbery Medal-winning children’s writer, a poet, playwright, and rising Hollywood success in the early twentieth century. When Robin found herself standing in Rachel Field’s on an island near Maine, she began writing the first-ever biography on Field.

In this interview, Robin talks about the research process and the many people who helped, including members of Field's family. We look at what is included in the book and how she knew when to stop writing and seek out a publisher.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Tara Kelly talks about career changes made during the pandemic

A few months ago, I interviewed Tara Kelly to talk about her newest music video. This time, we cover a lot more ground as we look at her decision to move to Los Angeles, what it's been like, and how her music has flourished.

Tara's folk-infused style has changed a lot over the last year. We look at the new direction she's gone in during the pandemic, when shows and touring came to a halt. We also talk about her personal style and how it reflects her music.

Tara's music career is still in its early stages, and we look at her 
goals, both in the short-term and down the road.

Following this, enjoy Tara's new single “Play With Fire.”

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Katherine Dean Mazerov goes from journalist to novelist

Murder meets the absurd in “Summer Club,” the debut novel by journalist Katherine Dean Mazerov. In this interview, we talk about what led her to go from writing the news to writing her own book, and the real-life drama that inspired it.

Katherine dives deep into her main character, Lydia Phillips, who is herself a former journalist. When a dead body shows up at the Meadow Glen Swim and Tennis Club, Lydia resumes her role as a reporter to get to the bottom of the mystery. We also look at the lessons and challenges that awaited Katherine in the world of book writing.

Friday, May 14, 2021

R.B. Wood travels to New Orleans for his new thriller/horror novel

In this episode, author R.B. Wood takes us to New Orleans for his book “Bayou Whispers.” Jeannine LaRue, the sole survivor of her family after the devastation brought on by Hurricane Katrina, uncovers a family history of dark voodoo magic and an unholy alliance with an ancient evil Haitian god.

R.B. and I talk about the story behind the story and his own experience in New Orleans, both before and after Hurricane Katrina. He provides an in-depth look at the characters and the roles they play in the book. We also look at the lengthy world building that took place and research R.B. did to prepare for the writing process.

R.B. also talks takes us through the Word Count Podcast, which he hosted for 100 episodes. Writers are invited to record audio versions of short stories, usually based on a prompt. We talk about the many writers he's worked with and some potential future show ideas.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Author Ames Sheldon blends family history with fiction in her new novel

In her new book, ““Lemons in the Garden of Love” (available May 11 from She Writes Press) Ames Sheldon looks at her ancestor who helped found the Birth Control League of Massachusetts, now known as Planned Parenthood. She talks about what it was like to explore her family history and how she adjusted it for her characters, Cassie Lyman and Kate Easton.

Ames and I talk about women in literature and how her characters fit into this world, as well as how they stand apart. Ames looks at her past works and the new directions she goes in.