Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 6, 2017: Travel Amygdala/JPRiZM/ShellzdaGod

Travel Amygdala in their live set
The guys from the metal band Travel Amygdala are back in the studio for a killer live set! Afterward, we talk about their upcoming shows at Wookiefest, the Highlander Fest, and Tap Fest 3. After that, they're taking a break from Mass shows for the rest of 2017, and plan some more events outside the Bay State.

JPRiZM is next up, with a collaboration with Houston-based Jennie.O called "Heroin (My Love)," which explores the similarities between drug and love addiction. He's also got a new EP out called "Waves," and the styles and sounds he creates are amazing to hear.

ShellzdaGod rounds out the show with a look at how he went from an avid reader and writer to crafting all sorts of beats, even influencing the next generation to pursue their dreams of being in the music world.

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