Sunday, July 9, 2017

June 22 2017: Marcela Cruz/8-Ball Entertainment/Cado

Marcela Cruz
It's our first show from our new WEMF digs, and it's an amazing space! You'll hear all about the new location and what is has to offer.

First up is hip-hop/R&B artist Marcela Cruz. Since beginning her music career a few years ago, she's done amazing work, recently releasing a new remix and a cool showcase in Philly.

Kevin Edward of 8-Ball Entertainment is next up, and he has a lot to share! He started this company to give rising musicians a chance to make their mark, and the talent he's worked with has been nothing short of astounding. We talk about how he knows an artist is good to work with, and what they need to bring to the table to take things to the next level.

Trevor Kaminski is back, and he's brought one half of the rap team Cado. They've got new music to share, plus an August show that you won't want to miss.


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