Sunday, July 2, 2017

June 29, 2017: Resonate/Eli Font/Sweet Wednesday/Bracken MacLeod

Jake and Mark from the band Resonate open the show, and after a bit about what the big stars do in their off-hours [out theory is Lady Gaga has a quiet suburban home life] we get down to business with what this killer rock band has been up to. They formed pretty recently, and already have a new single out, "Open Your Eyes," and lots of shows planned for the summer.

Eli Font and his musical cohort Kyle Pickard play some music for us share their own journey down in the wilds of Connecticut. These two seem to be always working, whether it's further developing their own style or trying their hand at some new projects. The fans take to the live stream to voice their support for this duo.

Lisa and Dave of Sweet Wednesday have been playing their energetic folk style for more than a decade. From a chance encounter, they formed a unique style that has carried them across the U.S. We get to enjoy some live tunes and hear about their many, many shows planned for the summer, some of which take them back to favorite stomping grounds.

Author Bracken MacLeod has been on the show a few times already, and I always love it when he returns. He has a new book out, "Come to Dust," which opens with an incredibly dark subject: the death of a child. There's a lot to this story, from the main characters to the bad guys, and we talk about it all, plus the nature of living life to its fullest.

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