Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Adele & Andy bring a different sound with their latest album

Adele & Andy
BONUS—I talk new singles and new directions for Thieves & Lovers

This episode is all about what's new—new sound, new styles, and new plans. First up it's the UK-based country duo Adele & Andy. They've got a new album out, “Where I Belong,” and we talk about the new things they're trying. We also talk about their origins and what led them to make the leap into music.

Thieves and Lovers

After that, Brandon Stoner from the Pennsylvania-based band Thieves & Lovers joins me to catch up on what they've been up to. It's been about a year since we last talked and they've got some great new releases to discuss.

After the Adele & Andy interview enjoy their single “Misty Eyes” and at the close of the show, kick back with “Conversations Kill” and “Stolen” from Thieves & Lovers.

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