Monday, February 15, 2021

WALLIS talks music videos in the pandemic and the Philly art scene

In this episode, 15 year-old-WALLIS, a singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, talks about how she continued to create and perform during 2020 by writing songs with her father. Her debut single, “Lonely Christmas,” embodies the complexity of the season as people find new ways to be together while staying physically apart.

WALLIS also talks about working with her father on the song, as well as the music video she made with her family and how they worked within the limits brought on by the pandemic. Her song and the music video have been a tremendous success, earning thousands of streams and over 1 million views.

WALLIS has been active in the Philly art scene through her music as well as acting, and she shares some of her experience, including being part of a show at the Walnut Street Theater.

Following this, enjoy Wallis' debut single, “Lonely Christmas.”

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