Sunday, February 7, 2021

KIN talk about creatives crossing styles, and adventures in music videos

The London-based pop band KIN have been making the most of 2020, releasing three new singles and music videos. In this episode, band members Grace and Adam talk about the story told in the videos and how they worked with the limitations brought on by the lockdown.

The band—Grace, Adam, and Ritu—all have lengthy creative backgrounds, including modeling, starring in Netflix shows, and on stage with the National Theater. We look at how they've been able to apply this work to their music and some of the different directions it's taken them in.

The members also have a lot in store for 2021, from new EPs to live performances—which I sincerely hope can happen.

Following this, enjoy the band's recent single “L.O.V.E.” I really loved the vibe of this song, and the music video touches on the festivals that we all miss.

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