Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Dean Chohan shows his cinematic skills in new music videos

In this recording of an Instagram livestream, UK-based R&B artist Dean Chohan talks about the music videos for his new singles, “Got Me Loco” and “Money.” There are two songs that tell a love story, the first being the roller coaster that is love and the second being one person living with a secret and needs to make a decision on the future of the relationship. Both videos are so well done and this could easily be a Netflix series.

We also talk about the people Dean worked with for the video and the chemistry they shared that made the production a success. He's also gotten to know a number of great artists, and he gives them some love during the interview.

Following this, enjoy the single “Got Me Loco.” Dean's got such a cool, mellow style, and the music is really amazing.

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