Saturday, September 7, 2019

Epic fantasy tales and East Coast tour stories

Rhode Island-based author A. Keith Carreiro is celebrating the completion of his The Penitent trilogy—but he's not done yet. You see, this is just one-third of a trilogy of trilogies, and he takes a look at what else is planned for the series, as well as the developments that occur in The Penitent, Part III. We also talk about being an independent author and some of the marketing lessons he's learned from being at conventions and fellow authors. 

And then I'm talking tour stories with the group WazUaz, who have made a career working with their audio, visual, and physical creation. They recently completed their MoneyHoon and NewlyDead tours and have a boatload of tales to tell! They also talk about their business, a blend of music, art, and fashion, and how they've turned it from a labor of love to their new careers.

The country duo Separate Charm recently released their new single, “Me Time,” and I absolutely love it, as you can read in my recent Review Roundup. This tune has a cool opening, great instrumentals, and superb vocals. You can hear it after Keith's interview.

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