Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Rhode Island Comic-Con, Part 2: Genevieve Marie/The Runners/Christa Carmen

Author Christa Carmen
Here's Round 2 of Max and Ben's coverage of the Rhode Island Comic-Con! 

Cosplayer Genevieve Marie talks about turning cosplay into a career and how internet has changed the old methods and given new options. She also shares a few icebreakers for meeting people at comic-cons. She was at RICC in part to represent Geekfest, a traveling geek show which recently completed its 2018 season.

Sean Wang, creator of The Runners comic series, shares the story behind this mix of comedy and action that brings some character drama and great banter together. Sean also talks about the characters that make up the series and how he balances his career in comics with the rest of his life.

Author Christa Carmen, in the guise of Lydia Deetz for this convention, walks us through the anthology collections that she's been a part of. Subjects include gothic horror, psychological and many others. She talks about how she became involved in the anthologies she's worked on and how folks can work with others.


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