Saturday, November 17, 2018

Album Review: The Galloping Hordes

The Galloping Hordes                                                                                                 10 tracks
Corners of Sanctuary

From the opening sound of horses thundering down a dirt road, you know this album’s gonna be good. “The Galloping Hordes” has an old-school feel to it, and for a dude nearing 40, that’s a welcome tune. I’ve got nothing against new sounds or styles, but I can remember the days I got my first Metallica album, and love hearing one that draws on the earlier years of metal. Epic guitar solos, vocals that sound impossible by human lungs, this one’s got a lot to offer.

The title track gets things off to a great start, and as I walk down the Philly streets I’m tempted to pump my fists in the air and call out. It’s easy to picture what a show with these guys would look like, and I can bet it’d be awesome.

What makes this work is that this Philly-based foursome isn’t doing what they do for the sake of being contrary. You can tell how much they love what they do, and that intensity is heard on each track. The vocals of Frankie Coss are so damn cool and the instrumentals of James Pera, Mad T, and Mick Michaels craft a battlefield with fists raised and swords held high. A Soldier’s Lost, The Bitter End, and Vengeance of the Warrior are my favorite songs. They’re these insane battle cries and would definitely elicit a call of “one more song!”

Hell yeah, one more song! 

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