Thursday, November 29, 2018

Nov. 29, 2018: Sofia Lee Davis/Jun Stinson/Anastasia Goodman/Michael Squatrito

Sofia Lee Davis
Country artist Sofia Lee Davis returns to Citywide to talk about her newest single, “I Don't Start Fights.” The timing of the song is talked about, given the current situation and the necessity of standing up for the underdog. While Sofia says she's not a fighter, she will take a stand when needed. She's also been playing a lot of shows, some down in Georgia, where she got to share a stage with the band Honey Candy, which she's been a huge fan of.

Filmmaker and journalist Jun Stinson is next, as part of our coverage of the recent Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. Her movie, “Futbolistas 4 Life,” looks at the power of soccer and how it brings a group of students together. It takes viewers into the lives of two students, one a DACA applicant and the other an American citizen the daughter of undocumented parents. Jun talks about how she met the coach behind the Futbolistas program and how its benefited the community. We also talk about the politics at the time it was made and the impact it's having now.

Author Anastasia Goodman is next and this interview continues the series I've done on authors who will be at the annual Rhode Authors Island Expo, which takes place this weekend. She's got a new book out, “The Terrorist,” which continues her series featuring Sasha Perlov, a Russian-born NYPD detective. In this book, Sasha investigates a suspected terrorist. The book is set in 2004, and she talks about the time period the book takes place in and how this influences both the characters and the events in the story.

Michael Squatrito rounds things out with a deep dive into the world of the Rhode Island Author's Expo. Now in its sixth year, he walks me through the planning process and the many, many authors who will be there. The expo also features panels to help writers learn about the publishing world and things like developing characters and world-building.

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