Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sept. 29, 2016: Ill Thrift/Tony Tremblay/Braken MacLeod/Hunted

Phil Norwood of Ill Thrift
 Phillip Norwood of the band Ill Thrift is on first for a great solo set. He mixes some cool effects with his acoustic performance, and in between songs, we talk about recent changes with Ill Thrift, his thoughts on sites like Spotify, and how he achieved such a great singing voice.

Tony Tremblay has been dubbed "The Nicest Guy in Horror," but that doesn't make him a pushover! His newest book, "The Seeds of Nightmares," is a collection of some of his best work, some being published for the first time. We'll talk about this and his many new projects.

The horror continues with Bracken MacLeod. He's got a new book out called "Stranded," a journey into a nightmare-filled, perilous trek in the harshest environment you can imagine! We look at the setting for the book, and why he chose it, as well as the unlikely hero.

BONUS: Our Blackout Bootleg series from the Granite State Comic-Con continues with the new comic, Hunted, where the monsters aren't quite so evil, and the heroine fights more than just the bad guys.

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