Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sept. 22, 2016: EBASS and Hannah Christianson/King Julius/Blackout Bootleg: A. Wags Illustrations and T.H. Paul

Hannah Christianson [left] and Hailey Magee
EBASS is back! Hailey Magee returns to talk about the things to do before going on tour-suffice it to say, it's a long list. Setting aside money, checking the area ahead of time, planning the best route to get to the venues on time....there's so much to do, and many artists miss these all-important items.

Joining Hailey for the artist portion is singer-songwriter Hannah Christianson. She has a new album coming out on Dec. 4 with a show at the Burren in Davis Square. We also talk about how music has grown her as a person.

Next we're joined by royalty as hip-hop artist King Julius! He's been producing a number of music videos for his many songs, and is working on several new projects. We talk about the stigma of hip-hop music, how he rates a pro versus an amateur, and his time in the studio.

BONUS: Our newest Blackout Bootleg series begins with interviews with the many creative folks at the recent Granite-State Comic-Con. First is Arriona Wagoner, head of A. Wags Illustrations. Her work centers on the female form, popular characters, and zombies. She switches between styles, going from acryllic to digital to watercolor, depending on the job.

Next is author T.H. Paul, who's released his first fantasy novel, "The Legacy Chronicle." T.H. grew up reading the works of Tolkien and Dragonlance, and created his own world for his new series.

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