Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sept. 8, 2016: Veronika Gasparyan/Nick Cincotta and Z2 Music/East Coast Runaways/From Grief to Gratitude

East Coast Runaways playing live
We're opening the show with Author Veronika Gasparyan's book Mother at Seven, the true story of a little girl's tragic childhood, and how she endured and overcame unspeakable abuse at the hands of her sadistic family. Many have spoken about how this book spoke to them, how once they started it, they couldn't put it down.

We welcome back music promoter Kierra Walsh and hip-hop artist Nick Cincotta, plus newcomers to the show, Z2 Music. They've got a show on Sept. 24, at the Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub. Nick has new music and Z2 has a brand new music video.

It's been quite awhile since the band East Coast Runaways were last on the show, and we're so glad to have them back! They play a killer live set, and we talk about their upcoming shows and what they've been up to the past few years.

BONUS: Our Blackout Bootleg series from the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival concludes with Debbie Savigliano, whose book, "From Grief to Gratitude," was adapted into a documentary about how she turned her grief over the sudden death of her niece into a mission that has helped many, many others.

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