Sunday, June 12, 2016

June 9, 2016: Comedian Mike Hanley/Author James Scorzelli/Comedians Allen McRae and Matt Fear/Singer-songwriter Anna Madsen

Brian Coombs and Anna Madsen with the Citywide crew
Comedian Mike Hanley has so many stories about all the shows he's done, and how he handles some difficult audience members. He shares a few of them, and some rather memorable fans. This guy's won a slew of awards and been a finalist in many comedy competitions.

From a brief chance encounter, author James Scorzelli penned his novel "Retribution," about how a priest haunted by his work with the Nuremberg trials and selfish young man both grow and change from each other's company.

Comedians Allen McRae and Matt Fear talk about their new monthly sketch comedy program "Terrible People" and the return of the popular show "Comedy, America!" What do they have in store, and how did Terrible People come to be?

Singer-songwriter Anna Madsen's new album, "Efflorescence," is a hauntingly beautiful collection of music produced by Rocking Horse Studios. Brian Coombs of Rocking Horse and Anna talk about the work that went into this new album, the video for her past work, "Palm Reader," and the response from fans

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