Monday, June 20, 2016

June 16, 2016: EBASS & Jack and Katie Music/Author Barbara Welch/Skin Drone

Jack and Katie with Hailey Magee

Hailey Magee, founder of EBASS, joins Max to talk about the city of Boston and the support it offers [or doesn't offer] for it's growing artistic community. Artists have it rough in Boston, between the escalating rent, shuttering venues, and more, many are making the move to New York or LA to seek bigger and better opportunities. But is there more here than meets the eye?

Joining us for the EBASS segment is the wonderful musical duo of Jack and Katie. These two have been performing for years, and possess an amazing sound which they share on the show with some live songs.

Author Rev. Barbara Welch shares her experience in dealing with child abuse through her book, "Out of Hiding: Grace is Still Enough." This is her first book, and she wrote it in just three months. In it, she details her spiritual journey to the home of Martin Luther and the transformation she experienced.

Otto Kinzel makes his big return to talk about his new project, Skin Drone! Working with fellow musician Erik Martin, these two have crafted a metal album that screams from the genre's heyday. These two worked hundreds of miles apart, through e-mail and phone, and the result is one hell of an album!

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