Saturday, May 7, 2016

May 5, 2016: The Head/Corey Rodrigues/Eternal Embrace/Ruby Rose Fox

Max, Gina, and Corey Rodrigues
This week was a huge one! Author Gina House begins her co-host residency and does an absolutely awesome job! Plus, Matt Zappa comes back to join the show in between touring with Math the Band and recording new music!

Jack Shaw of The Head joins us to talk about the band's 80-spot tour that they just did over the last few months. They did this all on their own, and that's a real testament to what DIY can accomplish. Now that the tour has been put to bed, they're working on a new 13-song album.

Comedian Corey Rodrigues is far more than a funny personality. He's done a lot of work in film and music videos, and is always working towards that next big milestone. He shares some of his experiences on stage and a few brain-teasers.

Ethan Peasley is the author of the vampire-themed books "Immortal Touch" and "Eternal Embrace." He's been a reader of vampire lore and hopes to bring the genre back to its roots that made it so good in the first place.

Ruby Rose Fox is a name that's well known in Boston and for good reason! The band has put on some stellar shows over the years, and now have a debut EP to release later this month. Ruby shares some of the personal tales behind these new songs and we play a few of them.

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