Sunday, May 15, 2016

May 12, 2016: Dorothea Jensen/Manni Festo/Copperfrog Games

[L-R] Max, Michael Epstein, and Gina holding the boards from "Tattoo"

We're opening the show with author Dorothea Jensen's book, "A Buss From Lafayette." This book, which is set in the 19th century, is centered on 14-year-old Clara Hargraves and her life on a farm in Hopkinton, a small New Hampshire town. Things have taken a drastic turn for the worse, but in hearing the stories from her friends and neighbors--and the legendary General Lafayette--she gains a new perspective on her troubles.

Hip-hop artist Manni Festo is next, for his recent album release, "Skeletones." Manni's been very busy of late, with shows and new music videos, and he tells us what went into this album, his time growing up in Montclair, N.J., and the many, many people who contributed to his recent release.

Michael Epstein brings the gaming world to Citywide for his new tabletop game, "Tattoo! The Game of Ink." He debuted this project at Pax East in April, and lays out the origin of the game, the tattoo artists who offered their art, and how to play.

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