Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oct. 8, 2015: Joe Grizzly/RISE at Gardener Museum/Mike Resnick

Jordan of Joe Grizzly with Max
Jordan of the hip-hop duo Joe Grizzly shares some of their sick flows and outlines the many shows they have lined up in October. We also nerd out on anime and comics and talk about the creative process behind their work. You know, just a regular Citywide!

Simone Scazzocchio shares a very energetic interview with Max, talking about the incredible RISE program he and Shea Rose have put together. Pairing together established and emerging artists from all over, this program brings some new sounds to the Isabelle Stewart Gardener Museum.

Author Mike Resnick is one of the judges of the Writers of the Future contest. In the final interview, he tells us how winning this coveted competition can boost one's career, and the judging process. How quickly does a book have to get his attention? Listen and learn!

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