Sunday, October 4, 2015

Oct. 1, 2015: Thea Hopkins/Victoria Corliss and Leigh Brown/Loren Schechter/Radclyffe Hall

Thea Hopkins
We open the show with singer/songwriter Thea Hopkins, back from a recent tour of the UK and with new music in the works. Thea tells us all about what a show overseas is like, and how the audience experience can be a very different thing from here. We also talk politics and how she approaches such subject in her music.

Authors Victoria Corliss and Leigh Brown provide insight into their collaborative writing process that produced "Second Chances" and "The Pie Sisters." Along with how they craft such diverse and interesting characters, they share how their own background set some of the foundation for their writing.

Loren Shcechter is certainly a diverse writer, with one book about murder in a small town and another about a high school for vampires. What led him to pursue such different genres? We learn about this and the many people who played a part in his books' creation.

The bands Radclyffe Hall and St. Nothing tells us about their many show experiences, including a big one they had at the Middle East. We also talk about the future of music, and where they see the industry going in the next few years.

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