Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Aug. 27, 2015: David Harris Lang/Kevin Symmons/Starlab Studios/Josh and the Jamtones/OTB: ENSMB and Cymbal Jungle

Max and Matt with Josh and the Jamtones
We're bringing you more than two hours of books, music, events, and so much more!

Author David Harris Lang joins us to open the show. We'll hear about his new book, "The Witch of Wanchai," his newest book still in the works, and where to find really good roast goose next time we're in China.

Up next is author Kevin Symmons, whose four romance books have earned him some major kudos. We'll talk about his newest work, "Chrysalis," being selected for Amazon's Encore program and what else he has in store.

If you were in Somerville recently, we hope you had the chance to catch the Starlab Studios annual Starlab Fest, an amazing collection of local artists and vendors. Richard Hawke, one of the many dedicated organizers, is in the studio to see what else Starlab has in store and the great production work that they do.

Josh & The Jamtones bring the show to a close with a look at their new album, their interactive shows, and what they have lined up this fall.

BONUS: The last two interviews from Outside the Box are here! Max talked to Handsome Chuck from Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band. We talk about their live shows and their recent release, "Mephistophelian Manifesto."

Maria Finkelmeier of Cymbal Jungle talks about her work with new and emerging artists and her work with musicians across the globe.

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