Saturday, August 22, 2015

Aug. 20, 2015: The Big Lonesome/Robert Dove McClellan/Ben Zackheim/OTB: Hayley Sabella

Author Robert Dove McClellan
Chad Gosselin and Joe Ziemba of the four-piece indie rock band The Big Lonesome play some great live tunes and share the highlights of their recent summer tour. Plus, we talk new music, and who doesn't like that?

Next, we move onto food, with author Robert Dove McClellan and his book, "A Dance in the Kitchen." Far from being a collection of recipes, this new release looks at the politics and culture of the food we eat, and how we can use those connections to better understand one another.

Ben Zackheim brings us mystery and fantasy with his two book series, Camelot Kids and Shirley Link. Though geared more towards young adults, these two titles have something for everyone.

BONUS: This week, Outside the Box performer Hayley Sabella joins Max to talk about what she's been up to this summer and some recent releases.

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