Thursday, December 13, 2018

Dec. 13, 2018: Roan Yellowthorn/V.S. Holmes/Jazzmyn Red

Roan Yellowthorn
 Jackie McLean of the band Roan Yellowthorn opens the show to talk about her new album and the work that went into it, her musical family and how they influenced her style.

Next up is author V.S. Holmes who has a new podcast which grew from Marissa Frosch, co-founder of Amphibian Press Books. Holmes interviews authors and shares some of the stories of her experiences with this new venture. She also talks about how Amphibian Press started and how it's grown over the years, and the improved diversity in books and how she tries to hold a mirror to the world through her own works.

Jazzmyn Red

Jazzmyn Red is back on Citywide for her new song “You Said,” which is about relationships and breakups. Jazzmyn talks about the therapeutic aspect of writing the music and how it helped her to face what had happened, what had been done to her, and what she did. We also discuss her recent partnership with Motives Cosmetics.

This episode also includes some Christmas tunes! This week, it's “Ho Ho Ho It's Christmas,” by Julie Ludgate and Eddie Japan's “We'll Be Together (At Christmas)”  

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