Monday, September 29, 2014

Citywide Blackout, Sept. 25, 2014: The Foresters/Ryan Lee Crosby/Ellie Ann

Ryan Lee Crosby

All the way from Connecticut, The Foresters join us for a live set, followed by all the info on their new album, "Sun Songs," which is being produced by some local talent in Boston. Plus, local music supporter Kierra Walsh joins us as a guest co-host.

Ryan Lee Crosby's got a brand new album, "Busker on the Broad Highway," coming out this fall,and he tells us all about the recording process. He also plays a couple live acoustic tunes, which is no to be missed.

Singer/songwriter Ellie Ann returns to the show with a new tune, "Take That," which we debut and hear what went into writing it.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Citywide Blackout, Sept. 18, 2014: Band Without Hands/Last Band Standing/Alex Navarro

Matt and Max with Band Without Hands

Rock foursome Band Without Hands played an amazing live set and talked about their soon-to-be-released album and upcoming shows later this month and on Halloween.

JoeG and Wireless Mike Flynn previewed the Last Band Standing competition, which showcases 24 great local acts out of 500 submissions. This is part of the New England Music Awards, an annual showcase of the best New England musicians.

Alex Navarro played a few acoustic tunes from his new solo project and discussed the challenges of becoming a full-time paid musician. He's also in the process of recording a series of music videos as part of the BC Campus Sessions.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sept.11, 2014: Zombie Frogs/Talk With Me/George Woods

Zombie Frogs

 The instrumental metal/prog band Zombie Frogs joins us with a killer live set at the start of the show. They've got shows aplenty and new tunes in the works. BONUS: after the end of the show, we've got an exclusive interview with the band in the WEMF studio.
Filmmaker Peter Cannon is next with his PSA series "Talk With Me." This project, which Peter has a close connection to, looks at the issue of teen suicide, the causes, and the effects. It's part art project part outreach campaign. It's designed to inspire teenagers suffering from mental illness and suicidal thoughts by showing them representations of what a suicidal mindset could look like.

George Woods and Heather Smist
George Woods and Heather Smist return to talk about the return of "Heartbeat: A Modern Dance Rock Concert." This show was at the Oberon last fall, and it was such a huge success, that George and the crew behind it are bringing it back for another run.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Citywide Blackout, Sept. 4, 2014: HAP

This week's show is a tad shorter than most, but we've got it packed with lots of laughs and music from the band HAP, as they play an incredible live set and tell us all about their new album in production.

Max with the guys from HAP

Monday, September 1, 2014

Citywide Blackout, Aug. 28, 2014: S.E.M.I./Allston X-Mas

Max and Matt with the band S.E.M.I.

Citywide selfie with Kenice and Melissa from Allston X-Mas

We're opening our final August show with a live set from Side Effects May Include (S.E.M.I)! These guys just got added to the battle for Rock N Shock, and we'll be talking all about it!

With the big Boston moving day right around the corner, it's fitting that our other guests are the minds behind Allston X-Mas! We chat about the new web series, the debut show, and just what perils are involved with moving in Boston on Sept. 1.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Citywide Blackout, Aug. 21, 2014: Harris Hawk/Bent Knee

Bent Knee gives the story behind their new album

Harris Hawk rocks the WEMF studio with a live set to open the show. We talk about what it's like being part of Eye Design Records and how the label has helped them.

The second half of the show is all about Bent Knee. We talk about their new album, "Shiny Eyed Babies." The band gives the stories behind these tunes and the work that went into making this album happen.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Citywide Blackout, Aug 14, 2014: Sadie Vada/Filmmaker Chris Macken

Max and Matt with Sadie Vada

We've got a live set from the band Sadie Vada, who will be joining a slew of other local bands at the Rambudikon Booking & Promotions & Midday Records first annual "Rock The Boat" harbor cruise on Thursday, August 21.

We also talk shop with filmmaker Christopher Macken. He's done it all: short film, music videos, and one of his movies, Wallace Seeks Solace, was featured in last year's Boston Film Festival! You can check out his work at