Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Christian music artist brings us a massive collaboration

Alicia “Reese” Reisman, the songwriter behind Reese Collective, joins me to talk about her debut album, “The Journey.” This collection of Christian music has a very unique aspect—although she is the writer and creative force behind the project, every track features a different singer.

Alicia introduced us to the different artist and how she met them, as well as what they brought to the project in terms of skills and suggestions. We also talk about the stories behind each song.

After this, kick back and enjoy one of the tracks from the album, “My Everything (featuring Amy Little).”

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Jake Swamp talk folk music in Boston

Stuart Babcock and Drew Zieff of the Americana/folk duo Jake Swamp and the Pine join me to talk about the folk scene in Boston and some of their favorite venues, including Toad and Club Passim. They've also got a new album in the works and they dive into some of the stories behind the songs.

Following this, enjoy one of their newest tunes, “My Sister's Old Guitar.”

Music video premier-Marco Bonvicini

I'm very happy to share the new music video for "Tell Me Your Lies " by Marco Bonvicini. It's a great high quality production that goes perfectly with this stellar music.

Monday, March 16, 2020

EDM artist talks self-production and horror movies

In this episode, EDM artist SARiKAiDEN (pronounced as Sara-Kaden) takes us through his career, which has seen the release of three albums, two EPs, and over six singles, all using only an iPhone and a MacBook. He talks about the production process and some of the programs he uses, as well as how music has helped him to deal with issues like anxiety and depression.

In addition to his work in EDM music, SARiKAiDEN also produces a podcast called Mumble the Owl, focused on horror movies and books, which he relaunched earlier this year.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Boston-based actress shares stories from the set

In this episode, Eli Escobar talks about her career as an actress, which only began a few years ago, but has seen an impressive array of projects. She's worked on a number of indie films, including "In My Mother's Eyes" "Renegade Darlings" "Higher Methods," and "The Island Between Our Love."

Eli talks about how to prep for an audition and some of the more common mistakes people make. She also shares how her son inspired her to try acting when she wasn't sure of herself and later made it into a full-time career.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The dark [and kinda funny] future of New England

Author/musician Jim Infantino joins me to talk about his experience at the recent Boskone book expo. It was his first time there and we talk panels, Jim's fellow writers, and how the event compares to others.

We take a long look at Jim's first book, “ The Wakeful Wanderer’s Guide to New New England & Beyond.” The book shows a climate-changed future seen from two starkly different cultural perspectives.

Following this, check out two songs from Jim's band, Jim's Big Ego—“In My Cult,” followed by “The Ballad of Barry Allen.”

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Boskone Part 2

Rob Greene
Here it is, the second episode of my coverage of the 2020 Boskone book expo. Thanks go out to the folks behind this great event for having me back this year.

Up first it's Anabel Graetz, who led workshops on vocal training. Along with her years spent as a singing teacher, she has an acting resume a mile long! We talk about the movies she's been in and the Who's Who of talent she's worked with.

E.C Ambrose recently released “Bone Guard Two: The Nazi Skull,” and “The Singer's Crown: The Author's Cut.” The latter is a re-release which has 35,000 more words and she talks about how this changed the story and the research part of the Bone Guard series.

Rob Greene and I chatted about his debut book, “The Light Years,” which deals with an arranged marriage and the discovery of long-held secrets. Rob talks about the world-building process and how it feels to have his first novel out for the world to enjoy.

The final interview is with Sarah Smith for her upcoming book, “Crimes and Survivors,” available April 15. This Titanic-based story is a mystery about not only icebergs, wrecks, and murder, but crimes against the human spirit and how to survive them. Sarah and I dive into the time period and what it meant then when the main character learns that she may have a relative of African descent.