Sunday, February 18, 2018

Feb. 15, 2018: Brian McKenzie/Geoffrey Cooper/Ronin FM/ViQueen

Brian McKenzie
Singer-songwriter Brian McKenzie is up first to talk about his new album, "Bruising From the Fall." He's been doing music for years, both his solo work and in the metal band Kilgore. Both projects are seeing new developments, and we talk about how he moved from metal to folk and the number of shows both have in the works.

Author Geoffrey Cooper is up next for his new book "The Prize." It's a thriller that's focused on the surprisingly politicized world of the Nobel Prize. Two researchers looking for a new treatment for Alzheimer's Disease are both in the running for the award, and while Pam Weller has a more idealized attitude, for Eric Prescott, it's all about the accolades, and whatever needs to be done to get them. Cooper has worked in the medical research field for years, and so his experience comes to play in the writing process.

Ronin FM is a hip-hop artist with a diverse background across several different projects. Most recently, he released "Origins," and his experience is reflected in the high quality of the music. Ronin is also a highly-educated producer, and he tells us about this part of his career, what he's learned both in the classroom and outside it.

Wrapping up the show is the San-Francisco-based punk band ViQueen, whom Max pre-recorded earlier that week. The band talks about music on the West Coast, shows in Nevada, Portland, and other locations, and experience at SXSW.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Feb. 8, 2018: Dan Masterson/Veronika Gasparyan/Livv

Author Veronika Gasparyan
Dan Masterson and bandmate Matt Silva join me to talk about Dan’s new album, “When Reality Calls.” It’s his fourth album to date, and his first full-length. Dan walks us through the year-long process of bringing the music together, and the people he worked with to make it happen.

Author Veronika Gasparyan returns to share the true story behind her book, “Forgive Me Nadia.” Themed around the sex trafficking of children, it follows a girl named Natalia, sold by her alcoholic parents at the age of 14. Natalia is a real person whom Veronika spoke to for the book, and we talk about this global issue and what needs to be done about it.

Singer-songwriter Livv closes out the show with her debut single, "Tear Down the Walls." The song is about removing the barriers that can keep people from loving one another, and she recently recorded this song in Nashville with a team of Grammy award-winning producers. Nina Pickell, who specializes in artist development and has been working with Livv, talks about her own ongoing ventures, including the Off the Stage concert series.


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Feb. 1, 2018: Back Seat Redemption/Boskone/Steven Hobbs

Back Seat Redemption
The band Back Seat Redemption joins Max in the studio to share songs from their forthcoming EP, recorded at New Alliance Studios. Conrad, Cozzy, and Clark talk about the number of shows this band has under its belt and more that are plannd this coming year to celebrate the EP's release.

JoAnn Cox and Erin Underwood are among the organizers of the annual Boskone book festival, which features some of the best and newest names in science fiction and fantasy. But it's far more than a book expoâBoskone has dozens of panels and presentations giving important lessons for those who want to break into the publishing industry, and insight into the minds of their favorite writers.

And speaking of writers, we end this show with Steven Hobbs, who has a new book about regeneration and new life in his book, "Retreads." How does a person born in the early 1800s adapt when they find themselves reborn in the here and now? You'll need to turn the pages of Hobbs' newest stories, a story which centers on Margaret Dearborn and her quest to find her lost love.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Jan. 25, 2018: 7 Mazes and One Time Mountain/Stereo Pleasure/Sleight of Hands Film

Max talking with Stereo Pleasure 

Opening the show, we get a road report from the bands 7 Mazes and One Time Mountain as they continue their week-long tour up and down the East Coast. 7 Mazes is based out of Germany, and we talk about their time in the U.S., the sites they've seen in New York City and Salem, and their own plans for the future regarding new releases.

Stereo Pleasure returns after their first appearance on Citywide a few months ago. This Boston-based venture is aimed at collaboration with local hip-hop and R&B talent to help bring their music to the ears of the world. They update us on their plans to launch a new web site with their music, how they meet the artists they want to work with, and how best to navigate the music world in the Spotify era.

Dave Sullivan and Johnny Berosh of Sleight of Hand Films have been hard at work producing a number of erotic and sexploitation films. They've also hit a few roadblocks when it comes to arranging screenings, and we talk about this and how even in 2018, they still have to struggle to get their work out there. We talk on the talent at Sleight of Hands, the different roles they've had, and what's in store for this year.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jan. 18, 2018--Under Atoms/Super Slime Arena

Max and Under Atoms
The rock band Under Atoms is a longtime friend of mine from the days when I booked shows in Boston. They’re in the studio to talk about their third album release, “105 Grams.” Recorded, mixed and mastered by the legendary Brian Charles at Zippah Recording in Boston, we go over what went into making the new release, four years after their previous one.

Next up are the minds behind the new Steam game Super Slime Arena. With graphics that pay tribute to the 90’s Japanese console games, this new release [slated for Jan. 23] pits players in an all-out brawl with slugs of different kinds and different attacks. We go over the development of the game, how the industry has changed, and what’s planned once the release is done.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jan. 11, 2018: Zion Rodman

Citywide kicks of 2018 with singer-songwriter Zion Rodman. Formerly of Boston, Zion moved to Chicago last August. Calling in to the WEMF studio, Zion talks about the music scene in Chicago and some of the places he's been to for shows. He's also had he chance to play out several times, and has already gotten an event of his own put together.
Zion also has a new EP out, "Did Not Wake Up Today." In order to ensure all those involved are paid, and he has the funds for promotion and distribution, Zion put together a cool pre-order campaign which runs through Jan. 20.

In addition, CB Production Coordinator BADD shares some new songs and call in a special guest, ShellzDaGod, who recently finished a new music video in New York City.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Dec. 28, 2017: Parlour Bells/Drive-By Bukkake

John and Brian of Drive-By Bukkake
Citywide Blackout closes 2017 in an amazing way, with Goddamn Glenn of the band Parlour Bells. The band released a new album, "Waylaid in the Melee," with a tremendous response from their fans. Glenn and Max talk about the work that went into this one and the political elements incorporated into some of the songs. We also talk about future goals, especially the hope that we have that things will improve.

John and Brian of the band Drive-By Bukkake are also in to talk about a new release, "Crucial Loads." In addition to the digital release, the band has also put out a limited, 100-copy vinyl release. John, Brian, and Max talk about the music media of old, and how it's making a comeback in a number of ways.