Sunday, June 17, 2018

June 14, 2018: American Family Happily Institute/FBGM

Max with Matt and D. of FBGM

Be, of the American Family Happily Institute, joins me to talk about the group's free kazoo distribution with Make Music Boston at Copley Square June 21. the AFHI was founded with the goal of teaching people to develop a concept called "happily," a positive outlook to combat the "saddily," or negativity that can oftentimes surround us. Be talks about the Institute's origins, the folks that make it up, and how best to maintain a positive attitude.

Matt Jatkola and D. Orxata of FBGM are hitting the road! The duo began a seven-state tour on June 12, and they share the trials and tribulations of putting something this massive together and offer some tips for those that are looking to do something similar. Matt and D. talk about the places they're looking forward to playing and their plans for traversing the many hundreds of miles.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Citywide Blackout, June 7, 2018: Alexi Paraschos

Philly-based soul/pop artist Alexi Paraschos is in the WEMF studio to talk about his East Coast Diner Tour, which kicks off with a show right here in Boston. He's got a slew of other shows planned, all at diners up and down the east coast.
We talk about the tour and how Alexi put it all together with endless cold calls. Alexi is originally from the Boston area, and we talk about the music scene in Philadelphia and how the two differ.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

May 31, 2018: Brian Murphy and Kate Eppers/Heidi Martin/Bugsy H/Prateek Poddar

Bugsy H and Sasa
Brian Murphy of One Time Mountain and singer-songwriter Kate Eppers start things off with a ton of updates. Both have shows in the works, and we also talk about the audio book project that we’re working on together. Plus, they stick around to help me co-host the program.

Author Heidi Martin is next with two books to talk about—one, a kid’s book about an adventure to find buried treasure, and a novel about a woman’s mission of self-discovery and hope. Heidi tells us what led her to enter the writing world, the lessons learned through her editor, and the artists who lent their talent to the finished product.

Hip-hop artist Bugsy H is back and this time he brought a guest! Poet and model Sasa and he crossed paths at a train station, and a random interaction has lead to a new partnership. Sasa has helped model the Ris Wear that Bugsy launched, and is also lending her writing talents to future music.

Singer-songwriter Prateek Poddar returns fresh off his time at the Kerrville Folk Festival. He made it to the finals and got the chance to meet fellow musicians of all kinds. He’s back doing shows and shares some personal stories behind some of his recent releases.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 24, 2018: BADD/LJ Cohen/The Promise is Hope

The Promise Is Hope

Opening the program, BADD calls in to join model and radio vet Bosslady and Eddie from Party Hard Ent. to preview their upcoming reality program aimed at promoting local businesses. The official premier is expected in the next month or so, and we go over the program's format and how this unique crew came together.

Author LJ Cohen is next, and she shares the news about the conclusion of her popular Halcyon Space series. We talk about the unorthodox characters that she created, how one brings a series to a close, and the wonderful art that has accompanied her stories.

Ashley and Eric L'Esperance of the Worcester-based duo The Promise is Hope round out the program with a live set from their new album, "Every Seed Must Die." This album followed a period of tragic loss in the couple's life, and we talk about the people they knew and some of the lessons they shared. Not every album touches on the good parts, but this creation was a help in dealing with the pain, and shows that there is a light following such dark times.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 17, 2018: Donna Milham/Stereo Pleasure/John Raposa

John Raposa
Author Donna Milham returns to Citywide to talk about her second book, "Can You Hear the Sound?" It's an invitation to journey into the depths and sounds of the Eternal. Readers can expect to encounter the depths of God's heart, where they will discover the rhythms, the movements and the sounds of heaven.
Donna talks about the nature of religion and how to communicate her message in a way that people don't feel buried by it, as well as the goals of the new book.

The crew from Stereo Pleasure return to share some of the newest music they've been working on. In between debuting these new songs, they talk about some of the artists they've heard and the many folks involved in the recording process.

Author John Raposa is back to talk about the second book in his Children of Apis series, "Territories Clash."
Set years after an apocalyptic event, it is the summer of 2085 and Cowan's group is trying to enjoy some much-needed rest in the rebel settlement, following their harrowing escape from the Northeast Territory. Their respite may be short-lived since conflict has a way of finding you when you leave a trail of blood and destruction in your wake.
John walks us through the careful outlining process he followed, as well as how he makes the characters into ones that the audience cares about.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

May 10, 2018: Luisa Alberto/Christie Lindor/Jesse Terry/ShellzDaGod

Max with Luisa Alberto
Opening the latest episode, I'm joined by makeup artist Luisa Alberto. Since a very young age, Luisa knew she wanted to be in this field, and has worked to build a career working with models, beauty pageants, and more. Luisa talks about her background, what she's learned over the years, and some of her favorite products. 

Author Christie Lindor shares a very essential method known as MECE (pronounced ME-SEE) stands for "mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive" and is a key principle in management consulting to facilitate a structured approach towards solving complex business problems. It is a way of being and common guiding principle among the management consulting community. LindorĂ¢s book, "The MECE Muse," outlines this method, how it works, and the many ways in which it can be applied. In short, it helps people to become the mentor that Lindor said she wishes she had early in her career.

Singer-songwriter Jesse Terry calls in from the road on the way to a barn show to talk about his newest album, "Natural." A spinoff of sorts from another recent release, "Stargazer," this album features a number of different artists that he was worked with over the years, including Dar Williams, Cary Ann Hearst of Shovels & Rope, Liz Longley, Kim Richey, Annie Clements, Sarah Darling, and Erin Rae. Jesse talks about what each brought to the table and the process of producing the final product. He also shares some road stories and his method for touring.

Hip-hop artist ShellzDaGod returns to talk about his newest music, which includes a lot of plans for music videos over the summer. Shellz rocks a sick freestyle beat, which leads to a discussion on his writing method when he gets into the studio.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Blackout Bootleg: 48-Hour Film Project

Here's the podcast of Citywide's Convention Corespondent Ben Chou at the meet and greet for the 48-Hour Film Project. The screenings for the films will be held May 14 and 15, and you can learn more about this here.
Ben talks to Ben Guaraldi, one of the organizers of the project at The People's Republic in Cambridge about the project and its origins. Guaraldi shares the challenge of having a weekend to make a movie, where the creators are given certain elements like a line of dialogue and prop that must be included in some fashion. The two chat about the technological developments that have changed the filmmaking process and made things easier on the production side. We also get a few examples of some of the final products.