Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 19, 2018: Kismet/Peter E. Radall Publisher/Frank Viele

A. David Lewis and Max 
Punching Nazis used to be more than a meme. In 1944, it was a vocation. And no one put his gloved fist in the faces of more fascists than the Man of Fate, the Algerian Operative, our man in Occupied France--Kismet.
Then, he disappeared. Gone without a trace--until now. Writer A. David Lewis is in the studio to talk about this new look for the classic comic book character, how he interacts with the current era, and what has transitioned from the original story into the new one.

Publisher Deidre Randall calls in to talk about the 50-year-old Portsmouth, NH, called Peter E. Randall Publisher. We talk about the publishing industry, the sort of things writers need to know before they start sending out their manuscript, and how they go about selection the writers they work with.

Singer-songwriter Frank Viele wraps up the show with a look at his new album, "What's His Name?" which will be released next week with a CD release show at the Stony Creek Brewery in Branford, CT. Frank shares his touring stories and some words of wisdom for other musicians looking to hit the road.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

April 12, 2018: SDP Publishing/Paid for By/N. Lawrence Mann/Robert Redick

Lisa of SDP Publishing and Max 
Lisa Akoury-Ross of SDP Publishing is in the studio and talks about the publishing industry and how it's changed, the need for an editor, and whether print is truly gone.

The creators of Paid for By take to the WEMF studio to talk about this new web comedy series based on the world of political ads. We learn about the comedians Kelly MacFarland and Tony V and the roles they take in this show and how it all came together. Two episodes have already been filmed, and a fundraiser show has been set to help make more happen.

Author N. Lawrence Mann has a new book out, "Full Breach," part of his Blue Warp series. Three years removed from a picturesque life, Songwriter Brennen Reynold's addiction is reaching a bizarre nadir, complete with severe headaches, tormented dreams, ESP, and a stray cat that is far from ordinary. He finds himself as the lead suspect in an unsolved crime when he inadvertently emails the details of a murder, revealed to him in a dream, to the victim's mother.
Mann talks about the very personal story behind this book and plans for the rest of the series.

Wrapping things up is author Robert Redick for his new book, "Master Assassins." Inspired in part from his time spent living around the world, the book centers on two brothers mistaken for assassins and the adventure that results. Robert has a lot to say about the fantasy genre and the changes that he's seen in it.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

April 5, 2018: Tim Carter/Bell Rey/Bugsy H/The Foxfires

Author Tim Carter
Tim Carter's newer asphalt shingle roof failed long before it should. Is your shingle roof in bad shape too? Carter, founder of, decided to ask his 51,000-plus newsletter subscribers if they had problems too. And the result is his book, "Roofing Ripoff: Why Your Asphalt Shingles are Falling Apart and What You Can Do About It." We look at the research done, what the response has been and some quick tips to help your roof last longer.

Anturazh' Bell Rey recently released his debut project titled "Catalog," a blend of Afro-Pop, R&B, and hip-hop. Bell talks about the folks he worked with to bring this album to life, as well as the stories behind the music.

Bugsy H keeps the show rolling with a look at this debut album "Genuflect," set for a release very soon. The album is the culmination of a lot of work, both in the studio and from his younger years as an artist. This album has a lot of others, including Project Pat, Keith Murray, and Nature, and we look at their contribution to the project.

Adam and Christian of the New York band The Foxfires call in to talk about two new singles the band released, both of which tackle some very serious issues, "Don't Give Up" and "Choose Love."
The latter is a campaign and message the band have been pushing for four years to move towards a more empathetic, equal, and balanced future where we see past race, gender, religion, sexuality, or political party and to fully embrace all of humanity. "Don't Give Up" is an anti-suicide song that the band have been adamant about putting out since the recent deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

March 29: Bubbles Before Armageddon/Athena Andreadis/Carlin Tripp

Bubbles Before Armageddon 
The band Bubbles Before Armageddon is in the studio for a full live set. Afterward, we talk about the many names they went through and how this group first came together.

Author Athena Andreadis is the owner and lead editor of Candlemark & Gleam, a small indie press in Cambridge that specializes in literary-quality speculative fiction, and an IBPA member. She shares the story of how she went from a career in molecular biology to the world of writing, as well as her own works, such as "To Seek Out New Life: The Biology of Star Trek."

Carlin Tripp returns to Citywide to tell us all about his new EP, "The Shape of the Island." Written after he learned he was going to become a father, the music has a lot of emotion behind it, and you can hear it all at the release show, set to be held at the Burren in Somerville on April 8.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

March 22, 2018: Prateek Poddar/Connie Mayo/Zeke Martin

Prateek Poddar
Singer-songwriter Prateek Poddar returns to Citywide to discuss his recent single release, “Emma,” based on his own experience with a relationship that went very wrong. It’s a song intended for an upcoming album that he was convinced to release on its own.
We also talk about a break he’s taken from playing shows due to some recent life events and how it led him to question pursuing music and if it is really the right path.

Author Connie Mayo is next with her debut book, “The Island of Worthy Boys.” Part true history set in 1889 Boston, part fiction, the story is of young Charles and Aidan, two kids on the streets who lead a life of theft and adventure, until a twist has them posing as virtuous Protestant brothers and con their way into an island school in Boston Harbor that only admits the "worthy poor.”
Connie tells us about the research that went into this book, and her plans for another set in a similar time period.

Drummer Zeke Martin’s first gig came at the age of 12 in Paris, France, and since then this jazz musician has played with artists of amazing caliber, including his band, Zeke Martin and the Oracle, which has been around since 2000.
We talk about the influence of his father, the different artists he’s worked with, and how he balances gigging 200 times a year with being a father and husband and going out to shows.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Blackout Bootleg: Boskone 2018, Part 2

In Part 2 of our interviews at the Boskone festival, I speak to Jeanne Cavelos about the research that goes into her sci-fi novels, how the publishing industry has changed, her writing workshops, and how technomages are the coolest thing ever.

Next up, it's Kenneth Rogers Jr., a great writer who I met at my first Boskone. He's back for a second year, and we look at the diversity in the writing world and what still needs to be done to create better opportunities for all writers. He's also got a new book out, "Heroes, Villains, and Healing" and you can bet we'll be sharing that story.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

March 15, 2018: Avocado Highway/Christopher Matthews Publishing/The A-Beez/Natural Pharaoh

Robi, Max, and Pam
Authors Robi Kellerman and Pamela Fink are in the studio to talk about their first book, "Avocado Highway" a collection of 30 recipes that showcase the simplicity and versatility of avocados on toast. The cookbook was inspired by the authors' love of health and wellness and their knack for creative toast combinations. The recipes range from vegan to dessert.

Jeremy Soldevilla is the founder and publisher of Christopher Matthews Publishing, a Boston hybrid publisher of books in several genres from historical fiction and thrillers to memoirs and self-help books. He has been in publishing since 1970, involved with academic and scientific books as well as scientific journals and trade books.
In addition, Jeremy is a writer as well, and we also talk about his latest book, "Second Chances," about a soldier and his military working dog who are both suffering from PTSD.

Amy (Bowles) and Aaron Bellamy of the band The A-Beez are a part of the monthly RISE music series on March 22 at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, which pairs newcomers to the music world with those that have been around for awhile. The A-Beez are the latter, having been around since 2003 and before on other projects.
They've also got a new album coming out, "Second Chances," and RISE will also be an album release show. The album features 10 original tracks with an amazing cast of 20 world class musicians.

Hip-hop artist Natural Pharaoh doesn't let a lack of transportation prevent him from being on the show, and calls in to talk about his music career. He cites his father with being a strong influence, pushing him to perfect his style. He's also a producer, and has some new music in the works.