Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 21, 2016: Riddle and the Stars/Arc Iris/The Chestnuts

Sam the Dealmaker and Ben the Beardmaster of The Chestnuts

Bobbo and Tracy Byrnes of The Fallen Stars and singer-songwriter Ben Riddle of Australia are first on deck to talk about their new collaborative project, "Riddle & The Stars." The three met while on tour and found their sounds meshed to well that an album together was the natural result. They're on tour now, with an upcoming show in Lowell on April 28.

Providence-based Arc Iris is next, and along with an ongoing tour of their own, we discuss the beautiful music videos that have been created for them by director Anne Beal. And as a special surprise, Anne shows up just in time to join us for a surprise interview to talk about how she visualized their sounds.

The Chestnuts were on two weeks ago for an amazing live set, and they're back once more. Is this the beginning of a Citywide residency? Maybe, but for now we talk about how this new band met, spin a brand new song, look to their plans for the summer, and discuss their desire for a future album release.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 14, 2016: Gay Sin/Greg Adams

Gay Sin performing live 

Matt Martino returns as guest co-host, with some big news about his feature film, "Chainsaw Maidens From Hell!"

The band Gay Sin is on first with a stellar live set! They've got a ton of shows happening this spring and summer, and a demo in the works very soon. We talk about how this recently-formed band got together, and give tons of shout-outs to friends and fans.

An old friend returns! Singer-songwriter Greg Adams has new music in the works, but perhaps the bigger news is that he's moving to Nashville in May. After performing in New York and Boston, Greg says he's ready to take his music to the next level, and has already made a number of contacts in Nashville's music community.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

April 7, 2016: The Chestnuts/George Woods

The Chestnuts
Matt Zappa returns for our first April episode! He's got big news to share about some upcoming tours that he's a part of.

The Chestnuts open the show with some sick live tunes. They're a recent formation, but they've been hard at work on recording some new music and playing shows.

George Woods, an old friend of the show, joins us to talk about his first new music since 2013, "I Am," an album that explores some of the more personal stories of his life. He's been running a PledgeMusic campaign, with some great success. He plays a live tune as well, and we give you a listen to his first single release, "Highest Love."

Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 31, 2016: David Harris Lang/Kelly Shepherd and NoMad Stories/The Devils Twins

The Devils Twins
We welcome back author David Harris Lang to talk about his newest release, "A Devil In Hong Kong." David's thrillers draw upon his extensive time in the city, and reading them is like getting a guided tour of every corner. We talk to David about the many characters in this tale, and how he decides who to keep for the next story, and which ones don't make it.

Kelly Shepherd & NoMad Stories join us tonight to share their amazing jazz sounds. They've got a show on April 4 at PA's Lounge, and plenty of shows all over New England this spring and summer.

We welcome back the band The Devils Twins. They're among the many amazing bands playing as part of the Rock & Roll Rumble and will be taking the stage at ONCE Somerville on April 9.
If that wasn't awesome enough, they've also got new tunes that they just released!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

March 24, 2016: Bullethead/Adessa on Bay State/Steve Sheppard

Bullethead gets set up for their live set
Former co-hosts Jeff Royds returns with his bandmates in Bullethead and they absolutely rock with a killer live set! They've got plenty of shows happening, and we talk about how this group came together and their plans for the future.

Next up is the band Adessa on Bay State. They're in the process of recording a new album, and share a few live tunes on the show. This foursome is recently formed, and they share the story of how they met, and what each has brought to the table.

Last is Author Steve Sheppard, to talk about his award-winning book, "Tourist Town: A Nantucket Idyll." A longtime resident of Nantucket, Steve's time served to craft this story of mystery and a lost past with a eclectic cast of characters.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 17, 2016: Venus Mars Project/EBASS: Ariel Strasser and Triton Taylor/New England Music Awards

Triton Taylor

Starting this week's show, we've got Peter and Jacyn from the Venus Mars Project in the house, one of the nominees for The New England Music Awards.This band has been playing some amazing shows around the city, and we'll talk about the newest members, and potential for international shows.

Next, it's the return of the Emerging Boston Area Singer Songwriters group. Ariel Strasser, Ken Budka, and Triton Taylor are on this month's segment, playing some great live music and discussing what artists should consider before and while touring. Those looking to expand beyond their normal show area can learn a lot from this segment.

Joe G from the New England Music Awards helps us close out the show. Now in its fifth year, this event showcases the best of the area in every genre imaginable. Joe gives us a preview of what to expect at this year's NEMA show, and what goes into putting it together.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 10, 2016: Wreckless Wreck Chords/The Head/Film tax credits/Dry Branch Fire Squad

Max flies solo once more on this week's show, but he's far from alone. The guys from Worm and Wreckless Wreck Chords are in the studio to talk about their upcoming shows this and next month. Along with some great local talent, they've added touring band Andy Social and the Antidotes to the lineup of their April 4 show.

Jack Shaw from Atlanta-based band The Head calls in to talk about their 80-spot tour, now in progress. This great band has made a name for itself in Boston with some recent shows, and their tour will take them across the nation, including several shows at SXSW.

AJ Orsini of Good Natured Dog Productions joins me to talk about the proposal to cut the Film Tax Credits that have led to so many big-name productions to be made in Boston, which has in turn led to a lot of local filmmakers to find steady employment.
Does the credit in fact lead to long-term or steady employment for local film crews? Local legislators say no, that many of the jobs go to out of state workers. What do you think?

Ron Thomason of the band Dry Branch Fire Squad calls in to close out the show in an epic way. For the last 40 years, this amazing bluegrass quartet has played shows on a global scale, even organizing two festivals that feature dozens of bands. They recently performed at the Heritage Museum in Lexington, and Ron talks about how much the area has changed since he was last there.