Sunday, August 21, 2016

Aug. 18, 2016: Scott Goudsward/Massachusetts Independent Film Festival/R. Patrick Gates/Jennifer Vaughn

Dede Crimmins, Chris Hallock, and Max
Max flies solo tonight, but he's got plenty of guests to keep him company. First up is author Scott T. Goudsward who will be at the upcoming Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival. He's got some great new thrillers out, including "Fountain of the Dead," a great zombie story set here in Boston! 

The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival returns on Aug. 26, and organizers Dede Crimmins and Chris Hallock talk about the filmmakers, who they're most eager to see, and the endless work that goes into putting it together. There are some great films on deck, including the newest work by Italian shock maestro Luigi Cozzi.

It's a music/book combo to end the show with R. Patrick Gates as he shares his latest release, "Savage," the story of what happens when someone loses what makes their life special and strides the line between justice and vengeance. This one has a deeply personal connection, and Patrick also talks about "The Prison," a fictional story based on some chilling real-life occurrences.

BLACKOUT BOOTLEG: Guest co-host Gina House returns as Max heads north to New Hampshire for an interview with journalist and author Jennifer Vaughn for her book, "Throw Away Girls." When dead girls begin to pile up at seedy nightclubs that cater to whimsical, fetish-seeking strangers, reporter Jaycee Wilder suspects a serial killer is at work. But what happens when she begins tracking the clues?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aug. 11, 2016: Kay Wattz/Rich Feitelberg/Jason Parent/Johnny Blazes

Opening the show, we've got hip-hop talent Kay Wattz. With great lyrics and some amazing beats, Kay is prepping for a mix tape drop and the current hip-hop scene here in Boston.

Author Rich Feitelberg talks about his popular Aglaril Cycle fantasy series and his recent appearance the Seacoast Comic Con. Rich's book series takes place in a rich, diverse world that he spent years crafting before putting pen to paper.

Jason Parent has a new novella out, "Unseemly," about a graverobber drawn back into the business, but that's not all this great writer has on the table, including thrillers and horror stories galore and an upcoming anthology. Jason also talks about his recent appearance at the Seacoast Comic-Con.

BONUS: The last chapter of our Blackout Bootleg interviews at Outside the Box, Max talks to Johnny Blazes of Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aug. 4, 2016: Justin Bell/Alyssa Marie/Jen Minor/Honeysuckle/Blackout Bootleg: Rosalita's Puppets

Author Justin Bell got his start writing a fiction series based on the G.I. Joe television and comic series. This was such a great success, he moved on to his own sci-fi series, Operation Harvest, which chronicles the work at GenTech and the bizarre science that comes from it.

Hip-hop artist Alyssa Marie just released a new album, "Louder Than Words," and in between playing some of the sick beats, she talks about her dedication to her work, how it drives her, and where it all began.

Jen Minor is a huge fan of Freddy Mercury, and on Aug. 10, she's organized an amazing tribute show at Oberon to not only celebrate his work, but support some wonderful charities. Jen shares some of her favorite Freddy songs and how he's inspired her own work as a songwriter.

The band Honeysuckle has just returned from a stellar performance at the Lollapalooza music festival and we hear the whole after-action report of the artists they saw while they were there. Plus, they share the details of their recent album release.

BONUS: Our Blackout Bootleg series from Outside the Box continues with Charlotte Dore, founder of Rosalita's Puppets, as she talks about she connects with young audiences, and the many puppets and marionettes she's made by hand over the years.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 21, 2016: Rob Smales/Achilles/Dronehead Odyssey/Chris Philbrook/Mane De La Parre

Adrian Eberth and Max 
It's a creepy and spine-tingling show, just the way we like it! Author Rob Smales is on deck first, with a new book, "Echoes of Darkness." Though definitely a horror-themed tale, this collection of short stories stems from the darkness inside each of us, and what we'd do if it ever got out.

Adrian Eberth of the metal band Achilles talks about the band's new album, "Dirge For the Earth." This took three years of hard work, lineup changes, blood, sweat, and beers, and the results speak for themselves. You'll hear plenty of the songs off the album, as well as the stories behind the songs.

Matt Fuller of Dronehead Odyssey comes on next to talk about his new album, "Bang Bang Fortuna." This one takes a different track than his first album, incorporating some singer-songwriting elements and blending them with his unique electronic style.

Chris Philbrook, author of horror and fantasy titles, shares his plans for the zombie uprising and the genesis of his books, "Adrian's Undead Diary," "Lesser: A Dragon Among Us," and "Elmoryn." All take place in deep, detailed worlds, some familiar and some completely unique to Chris' imagination.

BONUS: Singer/actor Mane De La Parre was among the many talented performers at the recent Outside the Box festival. In this interview, he tells us what it was like going to Berklee College of Music, his foray into acting, and the unique ways that music can connect with an audience.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 14, 2016: Triton Taylor/B.A.D.D. and Shake Paper/Dale Philipps/Ryan Sweezey

After a two-week hiatus, I'm back with lots of great guests! We open with singer-songwriter Triton Taylor Music, and his new EP, "Sure." This one's been a year in the making, and touches on love, relationships, and the highs and lows that we all experience. Triton shares a couple of these through a live set on the show.

Hip-hop artists B.A.D.D. and Shake Paper join me to talk about their music and working with OMT Promotions. B.A.D.D. shares a lot about how his upbringing shaped his music, how he deals with the naysayers, and who to look out for in the local hip-hop scene.

Author Dale T. Phillips has penned dozens of stories over the course of his career, including the popular "Zack Taylor" mystery series. Action, comedy, and a bit of horror....he's done it all, and he shares some of those tales on the show. Plus, we speculate how Hank Philippi Ryan does so much and is still so nice!

Singer-songwriter Ryan Sweezey's music tells what he can't always put into words, focusing on love, loss, and new beginnings. He's got a new album in the works, and I can't wait to share those stories with you!

BONUS: As part of our Blackout Bootleg sessions, I went to Outside the Box to talk to the many talented artists that were part of this four-day free showcase. Kat Nasti of Kat Nasti Dance talked about the dance scene in Boston, the many styles she's encountered. and her hopes for this organization.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 23, 2016: Little War Twins/Aeronaut Brewery/Justin Cohn

Little War Twins [L] with Max
The band Little War Twins is up first with a sick live set. If you've ever seen this duo perform, you won't want to miss this. After, Gaetana and James talk with Max about their national tour that they've been on since April and lay out their plans for new music.

Ronn Friedlander and Ben Holmes of Aeronaut Brewing Company will join us tonight to talk about the two-year anniversary of this amazing showcase of quality beer, food, and artists. Since opening, this company has set the bar in quality beer and excellent shows. Plus, they give back with fundraiser shows and educational programs. What do they have in store for year 3? Listen and find out.

Singer-songwriter Justin Cohn has a brand new EP out, "All Aglow," and he shares a couple songs live on the show. The stories behind these songs are deeply personal, dealing with the loves and losses in his life. Justin gigs constantly, and has become a known talent in the New Hampshire area.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blackout Bootleg: Jason Spooner and David Keith

Max and Matt with Jason Spooner

Part of our ongoing Blackout Bootleg series, we talk to Jason Spooner, winner of the best live act of New England at the New England Music Awards, and David Keith, drummer from Mission Zero.