Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sept. 13, 2018: Edward Reynoso/Houston Bernard/Eddie Japan

Max with Houston Bernard
Edward and Reuben, two of the organizers of Stop the Violence Lawrence, stopped by the studio to talk about this free event aimed at curbing violence and teaching the kids that there are other options. It's a free event for a great cause, and the two share some personal stories of their own time with gangs and how they changed their lives. 

Country artist Houston Bernard has a lot to be happy about. His new music video for the single, "We Made Out" has been picked up by two country music networks and seen tens of thousands of times. In addition, he's got a new album out, and plans for new music in the near future.

The band Eddie Japan closes out this week's show with some great live tunes and a look at the band's history playing shows in the Boston area. We also talk about their new single remix, and the different directions they've taken musically.

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