Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sept. 6, 2018:Avanti Nagral/Remy Flagg/Jimmy Luciano/Miss Genevieve

Max with Avanti Nagral
Avanti Nagral, an international pop star who resides both in Boston and Bombay, talks about her time in both cities and how the music scenes compare. She’s got a new series called Song on the Spot, which features live music and more.

Author Remy Flagg has a new book out in his Children of Nostradamus series, “Night Legions,” and he talks about how the story has progressed, how the series grew from the first book, and fan interaction that influenced the books. He also gives us a look at the next title, set to be released next spring.

Citywide’s production coordinator BADD returns to the studio with Jimmy Luciano, who recently released a new single, “Foreign.” He recently returned to Boston after some time in Memphis and talks about the artists he’s seen and shows he’s been to.

Hip-hop artist Miss Genevieve shares her stories both on stage and booking shows….she even put together BADD’s first show! She talks about her time at the recent Creative Soul Festival and the challenges faced by others in her genre in getting some stage time.

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