Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sept. 20, 2018: Almost Got Caught/N Lawrence Mann/Bones and Everybody Hates Thomas

NOTE: This is the final live show on WEMF Radio as host Max Bowen moves to Philadelphia. In a couple weeks, the show will transition to a podcast that will air on WEMF on Fridays at 6 p.m.

The band Almost Got Caught opens the show with a killer live set. Once that gets finished, they come into the studio to preview their upcoming shows in Lowell and at the Middle East, as well as talk about their new music.

Author N Lawrence Mann is next, and he has a new book out, "Coma Dreams." The second book in his Blue Warp series, this includes the return of Brennen Reynolds. Using his newfound—and unrefined—ability to heal, Brennen Reynolds attempts to revive Air Force Colonel Brett Stafford on the day his life support is to be terminated. Brennen is only partially successful, as the person awoken is not Colonel Stafford.
This book centers on the theme of addiction, and Mann talks about his own experience with addiction and how it factored into his book.

Closing out the program, comedian Everybody Hates Thomas talks about how he got into comedy, his popular Instagram video series and plans for some shows. Right after that, rapper Bones has some great live freestyling to show you.

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