Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Faith Pierce's horror debut brings a real nightmare to life

Author Faith Pierce never wanted to work in horror. But after experiencing a recurring nightmare that she couldn’t get out of her head, she decided to turn it into a short story. That story evolved over the years into “The Face You Wear,” her debut novel, set to be released on Aug. 12 through Crystal Lake Publishing. Here's a look at what's in store:

Jana overcame a bleak, poverty-stricken childhood to achieve her version of the American dream. She has her own home, a successful career, and a new husband who offers everything she hoped for in a normal life.

Her tight grasp on stability however begins to slip with disturbing dreams about her husband Michael. A figure in the bedroom doorway watching her sleep, night-time conversations Michael claims never happened, someone lying beside her at night when Michael later says he wasn't there.

Old anxieties and paranoia begin to surface as Jana becomes increasingly desperate to discover if the true threat is her mind, her husband…or something darker.

Pretty terrifying, isn't it? Faith and I spend time with the nightmare itself and how she built on this to become a complete story. We look at Jana and Michael, how the two play off one another and the ways they react to the building tension. We talk editing and how this changed the story and the all-important question—will there be more?

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