Sunday, September 19, 2021

Heerraa talks awards, virtual tours, and helping students find their path

After hearing international singer-songwriter Heerraa's new single “Feel Alive,” I knew that had to learn more about her. And the more I learned, that more I was interested in her being a guest on Citywide, so here we are! In this episode, we dive into the new song and what inspired the upbeat sound in a time when things can look pretty grim. Heerraa talks about the different people she's met in her music career and the lessons they've had for her.

In addition to music, Heerra's a co-founder of nationwide youth movement, Ascendance. To date, the team has impacted over 13,000 students through their programs, student-led conferences, monthly web series and more. We talk about how the organization got started, what it's done so far, and plans for the future.

Following this, enjoy the new single, “Feel Alive.” I was so hooked by the song that I listened to the rest of her work and I hope you do too.

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