Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson introduce us to the Space Bastards

Think the future's always going to be a great place? Prepare to have those expectation shattered with the new comic series “Space Bastards.” Writers Joe Aubrey and Eric Peterson join me to explore the universe that they have created, one in which the Intergalactic Postal Service is staffed by a pack of insane, blood-crazed mercenaries.

We meet Manny Corns and Davey Proton, the two main characters of the series and dive into their origins and some of the potential directions they're going into in future issues (but no spoilers!). We also talk about the artwork by The Boys artist and co-creator Darick Robertson and the process of bringing the story to life.

This is Joe and Eric's first title and we look at the buildup to the release of the first issue earlier this month and their reactions to the many positive reviews.

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