Saturday, January 23, 2021

Author Michael Shutz shares his scares in new haunted house story

Just what scares a horror writer? It's a question that author Michael Shutz answers in this episode and connects to his newest book, “Plank Children.” In this story, Miles Baumgartner follows a trail of rumors and half-truths after seeing a photo of his deceased nephew (looking very much alive) on Facebook. His search leads him to St. Hamelin's, but soon learns that this abandoned reformatory is not as empty as it appears. 

Michael and I talk abut the creepy cover that he chose for the book, and how he likes to take on his own fears when writing. We look at the true history that gets woven into the story, and some of tropes he worked to avoid in the writing process.

We also talk about the journey from concept to publication and some of the different publishers that he's worked with, as well as how self-publishing has evolved to become a legitimate option.

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