Monday, August 10, 2020

Horror author travels through time in her debut novel

Author Cheryl Alleyne's new book, “Belle Vue,” gives us a unique take on the haunted house genre. In this tale, we see the origins of Belle Vue Manor, formerly a Victorian lunatic asylum. In the present day, history student Alex Palmer is thrilled when his girlfriend, Claire Ryan, buys an apartment in Belle Vue. But as Alex begins to discover the dark truth about the asylum’s past, he, Claire, and their friend Marianne find themselves on a nightmarish journey.

We take a look at the research that went into this story and Cheryl's fascination with these kinds of stories. She talks about the challenges of doing your own marketing and the great time she's had working with Crystal Lake Publishing. The book will be released on August 25 with a print, e-book, and audiobook version.

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