Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Boston author begins at the end

Author Christine Meade joins me to talk about her new book, “The Way You Burn,” available through She Writes Press. The book opens with, well, the original ending as David returns to his New Hampshire cabin to find it on fire, with his girlfriend Hope the likely person behind it. This book explores David's attempts to understand the complicated pasts of his loved ones by unraveling the vast webs of secrets they’ve kept hidden.

We talk about the many changes this book underwent since Christine first wrote it as well as setting it in Boston, where she lives and the fun she got to have with that. We also look at releasing a new book amidst the pandemic and how that entire process has had to change.

I hope you're digging the new opening and closing tracks, provided by the amazing Sarikaiden. Be sure to check out his music and his podcast, Mumble the Owl.

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