Saturday, February 22, 2020

Boskone Part 1

Author Vincent O'Neil 
Feb. 14 marked the 2020 Boskone book expo and I had a great time, as usual. I got the chance to speak to a lot of great writers, and the interviews are collected in the first of two episodes.

In the first, Michael McAfee of the Post Meridian Radio Players talks about the show they did at Boskone “The Silver Shade: Help From The Shadows.” Michael tells me about the casting process and how they plan for the worst to happen.

Author Tabitha Lord and I haven't spoken in years and there is a lot to recap! She's completed her sci-fi “Horizon” series and tells me about the urban fantasy story she's working on now, which includes a lot of research.

Last in this episode is Vincent O'Neil, who has been hard at work shopping around the script for his “Handler Hank” short story. He goes into the transition from short story to script and what other of his works he'd like to see on the screen.

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