Thursday, February 27, 2020

Boskone Part 2

Rob Greene
Here it is, the second episode of my coverage of the 2020 Boskone book expo. Thanks go out to the folks behind this great event for having me back this year.

Up first it's Anabel Graetz, who led workshops on vocal training. Along with her years spent as a singing teacher, she has an acting resume a mile long! We talk about the movies she's been in and the Who's Who of talent she's worked with.

E.C Ambrose recently released “Bone Guard Two: The Nazi Skull,” and “The Singer's Crown: The Author's Cut.” The latter is a re-release which has 35,000 more words and she talks about how this changed the story and the research part of the Bone Guard series.

Rob Greene and I chatted about his debut book, “The Light Years,” which deals with an arranged marriage and the discovery of long-held secrets. Rob talks about the world-building process and how it feels to have his first novel out for the world to enjoy.

The final interview is with Sarah Smith for her upcoming book, “Crimes and Survivors,” available April 15. This Titanic-based story is a mystery about not only icebergs, wrecks, and murder, but crimes against the human spirit and how to survive them. Sarah and I dive into the time period and what it meant then when the main character learns that she may have a relative of African descent.

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