Saturday, October 26, 2019

Review Roundup, Edition 6

Third Shift Society
Editor's Note: This is a weekly collection of mini-reviews of music, books, comics, movies, and more that I've enjoyed. Unless indicated, no one has requested a review, but I am open to submissions or suggestions, which can be sent to

Third Shift Society
One of the newest comics to come from Webtoon, this series is focused on Ellie, a young woman who’s hitting a lot of walls. She’s lost her job, is practically broke, and has no options. Oh, and she has magic powers. That’s there too.

Ellie runs afoul of a demon and Ichabod, a ghost hunter with a pumpkin for a head who offers her a job, assisting him with her newfound abilities. This series has writing that’s funny as hell and some amazing artwork. I eagerly look forward to Fridays when the new episodes are posted.

The Cast Irons—The Longest Night
The new release from this Boston-based quartet, The Longest Night is a great blend of folk and rock, with a profound power that hits you on the first track. I’d love to see these guys live, and I think that’s how you know that an album is great, that it drives you to seek out the band’s next show.

Babymetal—Shanti Shanti Shanti
I may get some flack for this, as this female-fronted metal band from Japan seems some sort of sin to “true metalheads.” But fuck those clowns, this is my review and I love this band. The newest release has what we’ve all come to love about this band—intensity times 10, fast-paced music, and extremely catchy songs. I listened to this one three times without realizing it.

My Hero Academia
I’ve given this one awhile before I saw down to review it. It’s by no means a new series or that unknown, and I can see why. In the world that this show’s based in, most people have a superpower or “Quirk,” all except one guy, Izuku Midoriya. But this doesn’t stop him from dreaming of the day when he can finally be one. When his hero, All Might, sees Izuku try to take down a powerful villain, he gifts the young man with his ability, and makes his dream come true.

This series was an instant hit for me, and if you’re a comic fan, odds are it will be with you too. The animation is amazing and the voice acting is perfect for each character. It’s well-paced and there are no filler characters—each one brings something different to the table and justifies their presence. Though it runs pretty long, trust me, it is worth the investment of your time.

“Where Weavers Daire,” by R.K. Bentley
A book where science and magic exist side by side? Sign me the hell up! This one reminded me of the anime series Outlaw Star, but R.K. Has made a story all his own here. A salvage hauler, a necromancer, and a weaver [think magi] are all in a race to the grand New Year festivities that effects everyone. This story is really well-written, and R.K. Has clearly given this one time to be fleshed out before he began writing. The result is a clever, quirky, and exciting sci-fi and fantasy blend that had be hooked in the first chapter

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