Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April 2, 2019: Kitty Game/Amrit Ghatore/Naomi Westwater

Amrit Ghatore
Opening this week's podcast, I talk to the husband and wife comic-creating team of Comfort and Adam. I interviewed them a couple months ago for their comic “Rainbow in the Dark,” and this time, we look at their cat-inspired title “Kitty Game.” Based in part on their cat Obi-Wan, this comic follows and adventures of Marty the cat as he traverses lands of science fiction, fantasy, and action.

London-based musician Amrit Ghatore has a new music video out for his song, “It's OK.” This video includes a detailed battle scene that Amrit helped to choreograph, and we talk about the work that went into it. In addition to his work as a musician, Amrit is a model and actor and he tells us how he balances these various aspects of his career.

Naomi Westwater
Boston-based artist Naomi Westwater closes out this week's show with a look at her life as a modern mystic, how it's changed her life and factoring it into her music. She's got a new album out, “Huntress: from dark to light,” inspired by the Roman Goddess of the hunt and moon, Diana. Naomi talks about the many sides to a huntress, both positive and negative. 

And for new music, I bring you “Flowers on the Moon,” from Stereo in Solo, from a new album by Thierry Noritop, a member of the French synth pop duo Stereo.

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