Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rhode Island Comic-Con Part 1

Max with Cares O-Lot Cosplay
Welcome to the first episode of Citywide Blackout's podcast series from the Rhode Island Comic-Con. In these interviews Max and Ben talk to the cosplayers, writers, and other creatives that attend this convention to share their art with the public. 

In this episode, Max talks to the cosplay couple Hybrid Brieze (Briezerker and Hybrid Spyder) and learn about some of the duos they've portrayed over the years and some potential future ideas. Later on, Cares O-Lot Cosplay dons her Robin suit and talks about how she got her start in the cosplay world, how she learned to make her costumes, and the wide array of characters she's taken on.

Author Andi O'Connor walks us through the epic fantasy Dragonath Chronicles and other books she's written and talks about her “pantser” style of writing. She's got a new book coming out soon and has an online launch party planned for that.

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