Sunday, June 4, 2017

June 1, 2017: The Sewer Buddies/Damn Tall Buildings/Divine Regale/Theodore Richards

The Sewer Buddies

Opening the show is the new band, The Sewer Buddies, a punk band for kids. We talk to Lindsey Loogie, Serious Paul, Smelly Melly Mucous, and Kick Butt Kyle about the message to kids that's in their music, and importance of kids being exposed to music at a young age, and the many artists who contribute to the band.

Max and Avery from the band Damn Tall Buildings tell us all about their new album, "Good Enough!", their third to date. The recording process, their four years of touring and festivals-it's all on the table as we look into the band's history and their plans for the new release.

Divine Regale brings some prog metal to the show, and damn is it good! With a huge show at Jewel this past weekend, they've got a lot in the works, including new music.

Author Theodore Richards closed out the show with his new book, "The Great Reimagining: Spirituality in the Age of Apocalypse." We talk about the nature of being spiritual and how technology has led to both greater and lesser connections among people. World travel is a big part of Richards' life, and we look at where he's been and how it's shaped him as a writer and a person.

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