Friday, May 5, 2017

May 4, 2017: Falcon's Bandits/Leslie Browning/Prateek Poddar

Prateek Poddar
Arcadio Falcon of the band Falcon's Bandits opens the show with a very frank talk about the band's music, how they bring their styles together, and the reception of their recently-released album. They've been together since 2015, and began recording shortly thereafter. We also get a little political, talking about how the world perceives events in other countries, and how we rarely get the full story. 

Author Leslie Browning has some big new to shareĆ¢her main publishing house, Homebound Publications and its imprint, Owl House books, just inked a global distribution deal with Midpoint Trade Books. This deal puts the company's 75-plus titles into every bookstore on the planet! It's a huge milestone since the company launched in 2011, and we talk about the work that went into it, and the many authors that have asked to join the company.

Singer-songwriter Prateek Poddar is back in the studio to record a new EP, and he needs your help to do it! He has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the album, and the response so far has been tremendous, with a full third of the amount needed already raised. We look into the people involved in the new album, and Prateek plays a few acoustic tunes for us.

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