Monday, April 10, 2017

March 6, 2017: Whoopi Sticks/Jazzmyn Red

Jazzmyn Red
This week on Citywide, co-host Matt Zappa makes his big return to full-time! He's been sorely missed these past 12 months, but he resumes his role with incredible energy.

First up is the band Whoopi Sticks. They've got two new singles, "Jaws" and "C.I.Anal." Jaws is based off the movie of the same name, and we share our favorite lines from the show. The band tells us about their upcoming shows and future music releases.

Music promoter/branding agent Nina Pickell is back as well, and she brings with her hip-hop/R&B artist Jazzmyn Red. Her new album, "Writing HERstory" shares some deeply personal stories, and we talk about what it means to talk about them on stage.

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