Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 9, 2017: EBASS/Haley Katrin Studios/Sella's Kitchen

Max with the cast and crew of Sella's Kitchen
Hailey Magee of EBASS returns to share her insight into making it as a musician. Thought by some to be an impossible dream, Hailey, her guest Haley Haerr-Hartmann of Haley Katrin Studios, and Max talk about the different ways that musicians have used their skills to turn their craft into a career.

Next, Haley talks about her upcoming show with EBASS, Singing Sober: Musicians Sharing Stories of Recovery. Featuring Melissa Ferrick, MB Padfield, & Anjimile, this show celebrates the strength and power of those who choose to embrace sobriety. Melissa Ferrick, MB Padfield, and Anjimile will share their stories of the struggles, difficulties, and rewards of the journey towards recovery. The event will also feature an open mic where audience members can share their own experiences.

Closing out the show is filmmaker Ralph Celestin to talk about his new project, Sella's Kitchen. Ralph is joined by actress/model Trisha Mondesir and actress and radio host Tayla Andre. We talk about the story behind this coming of age drama that explores Hatian American culture, and the roles that Trisha and Tayla take on. Ralph talks about the work that went into this new movies, as well as his previous project, Boston2Philly.

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