Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 2 , 2017:Nina Pickell/Mr. Ooh Booii/Aversed/Chris Ruediger

Mr. Ooh Booii and his talented crew, Bryan and Miguel, with Nina Pickell
Nina Pickell has become well known in the Boston music scene for her skills as a marketing expert and one who can help an artist to grow their brand. This week, she shares her insights into how an artist can develop the business side of their work. She also tells us about a brand new music series that she's launching. 

Hip-hop artist Mr. Ooh Booii is back in the studio, with a new music video for his song "Give It To Me/End Of Night." The video is well-produced and features a huge cast. Mr. Ooh Booii brings two of minds behind the project, Bryan Alexis and Miguel Carlos Martinez, who handled the art direction and style work. They've got some great stories to share about the work that went into this great project.

The metal band Aversed has some new music to share from their debut EP, as well as their work being featured in the latest Heavy Rotation Records release. The band shares the story of how they came together, how to do a good guttural, and their many upcoming shows.

At only 17, singer-songwriter Chris Ruediger has accomplished a lot, with his new single release "Summertime Story" at the top of the list. He's played in Nashville and many other local shows. Chris' friends also join the show, and we take a look at some of the stories behind his music.

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