Sunday, August 28, 2016

Citywide Blackout, Aug. 25, 2016: Earth Heart/Breakfast Project/John McIlveen/Gail Gilbert

Author John McIlveen
The three-piece band Earth Heart plays a stellar live set to open the show. Following that, Natan, Matt, and Katie talk to Max about the band's upcoming music video and recent release of their debut full-length, "Homesick."

Kaedon Gray and Joe Mancini from The Breakfast Project are back! The band was last on the show in December, and since then have been up to a lot, with new music and lots of shows. Now, we talk about the state of pop music and the importance of always staying unique and true to your own style.

Author John McIlveen closes the show with a discussion about his latest release, "Hannahwhere." A thriller with a strong message about child abuse, this book begins with a missing girl and the mysterious place called "Hannahwhere."

BONUS: The Blackout Bootleg series continues with our coverage of the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival. Gail Gilbert's short film, "Democracy in the Driver's Seat" starts with a group of passengers on a bus working together for a common goal, and the shocking twist at the end.

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