Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 21, 2016: Riddle and the Stars/Arc Iris/The Chestnuts

Sam the Dealmaker and Ben the Beardmaster of The Chestnuts

Bobbo and Tracy Byrnes of The Fallen Stars and singer-songwriter Ben Riddle of Australia are first on deck to talk about their new collaborative project, "Riddle & The Stars." The three met while on tour and found their sounds meshed to well that an album together was the natural result. They're on tour now, with an upcoming show in Lowell on April 28.

Providence-based Arc Iris is next, and along with an ongoing tour of their own, we discuss the beautiful music videos that have been created for them by director Anne Beal. And as a special surprise, Anne shows up just in time to join us for a surprise interview to talk about how she visualized their sounds.

The Chestnuts were on two weeks ago for an amazing live set, and they're back once more. Is this the beginning of a Citywide residency? Maybe, but for now we talk about how this new band met, spin a brand new song, look to their plans for the summer, and discuss their desire for a future album release.

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