Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jan. 7, 2016: Anne Sarkisian/Izzy Heltai/Laurie Lewis and Boston Bluegrass Union

Singer-songwriter Izzy Heltai

We are back and are looking forward to Citywide Blackout in 2016! We open the show with author Anne Sarkisian to talk about her book, "Toxic Staple," a look at the world of gluten and how the benefits living without it. Anne's poured countless hours into researching this health issue, and she'll be sharing it all with us.

Born and raised in Boston, singer-songwriter Izzy Heltai has been spending the last few years playing out in the Berkshires, and he's ready to bring his sound back to the city. He talks about the music scene out in the Berkshires and his hopes for playing for the Boston scene.
He's got a new EP and plays a live set.

Bluegrass artist Laurie Lewis will be performing on Jan. 16 in Lexington at the Museum of Our National Heritage with a slew of her friends, and we'll be talking about this, her many shows, and years spent on the road and her plans today.

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