Sunday, November 22, 2015

Nov. 19, 2015: Nintendo Quest/Jennifer Haes/Greg Adams

This week, Max and Matt are back together and live on WEMF Radio! We start out with Xavier Van Den Nouwland and Rob McCallum for Nintendo Quest, a documentary about the search for all 678 original NES games, all within 30 days and using no online tools.

Next up is author Jennifer Haes. We'll be talking about her newest book, "Tin Goddess," as well as her first one, √ĘChanges in Crystal Springs.√Ę What more does she have in store for us? Listen and find out!

Last but not least, singer-songwriter Greg Adams returns to tell us all about his newest album, "All or Nothing." We talk about his Boston shows, upcoming gigs in New York, and his recent fundraiser for veterans.

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