Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sept. 10, 2015: Strange Changes/Ellen Feld/Three Points of Madness/MIFF: Echoes

Three Points of Madness

We're bringing you tons of musical guests this week. Tom Dowd of the band Strange Changes gives us the scoop on a video they're going to record at Davis Square Theater on Oct. 2. Along with their amazing original tunes, the band will also perform with the Somerville Symphony Orkestar! It's not to be missed!

Ellen Feld is an author with a lot of horse sense.....OK, that was a lousy pun, but her books are great. Learn why she prefers a more realistic style of story as opposed to one with magic ponies, and how she started her company, Willow Bend Publishing.

The guys from Three Points of Madness bring the show to a close with a look at their new album, "American Papers." They've got a lot to say with this one! Plus, we talk about legendary basses that Ron Pacheco uses.

BONUS: Our coverage of the recent Massachusetts Independent Film Festival continues with writer/director Amy Leland, talking about her short film, "Echoes."

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